Treatment For Aphasia?

Illustration of Treatment For Aphasia?
Illustration: Treatment For Aphasia?

Hello, I want to ask what disease my father suffered, what is Apashia disease and please explain how to cure it too huh

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Aphasia is a language disorder that occurs due to an abnormality or disease in the brain. Symptoms of aphasia are quite extensive depending on the part of the brain affected or abnormalities, but in general sufferers will have difficulty in choosing, stringing words, or speak clearly. In other cases of aphasia the sufferer can actually speak fluently, but incorrectly (not connected), the sufferer is not able to understand what is said by others or by himself.

Aphasia can occur due to a number of illness injuries or damage to the brain such as:

Stroke or disorders of the blood vessels in the brain Brain tumors Infections of the brain (encephalitumumeningitis) Injury to the head (bumps, falls from heights or traffic accidents) Degenerative diseases or due to aging (dementia and Parkinson's disease) Difficult to be able to treat aphasia thoroughly because it is different from cells other body, brain nerve cells are permanent which means that if it is damaged can not recover completely. Treatment of aphasia also depends on the cause so you should consult with a neurologist about the condition suffered by your father. Your doctor will deal with the underlying causes of aphasia or prevent worsening. Your doctor can provide treatments for your nerves, and also recommend to attend speech therapy sessions from relevant experts that aim to improve the ability to communicate and speak aphasia sufferers.

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