Treatment For Bleeding Eczema?

Illustration of Treatment For Bleeding Eczema?
Illustration: Treatment For Bleeding Eczema?

Afternoon … my mother had legs, there was eczema, the eczema was quite old and now suddenly blood came out. How to treat it? thank you

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Hello Rosa,

Thank you for the question.

Eczema in the medical realm is known as atopic dermatitis. This condition occurs when the skin loses moisture and immunity when exposed to irritants, allergens, and pathogenic microorganisms that often cause infection. Eczema sufferers often find that their skin feels itchy, reddish rashes, thickened, rough, scaly, peeling, swollen, hot, blistering, and so on. These complaints can arise for a long time and are recurrent, so it is very limiting the activities of sufferers.

Because of the complaints, eczema sufferers will continue to be encouraged to scratch, rub, and even exfoliate their skin to feel more comfortable. This condition can not only cause the skin to become blackish, more rough, scaly, and at high risk of infection, but can also cause injury to the skin that is bleeding.

The question is, has your mother ever seen a doctor and said to suffer from eczema?

If not, then in fact, in addition to the effects of eczema, complaints can also occur in the legs due to other causes, such as skin infections, allergic or irritant contact dermatitis, xerosis, seborrheic dermatitis, lichen planus, post-injury, bleeding disorders, and so on.

It is better if you accompany your mother to check her complaints directly to the doctor or dermatologist. Thus, surely his condition can be handled properly so that he can return to his activities freely.

In the meantime, what needs to be done is:

 Do not give your mother carelessly medicine. Just help her to maintain the cleanliness of her feet, namely by taking a clean bath, diligently washing feet using antiseptic soap, and wearing comfortable and clean footwear during activities. After bathing, ask your mother to apply a moisturizer on her skin to the skin area bleeding, clean it with sterile gauze soaked with intravenous fluids, press the source of bleeding to stop, and don't close the area too tight. Give your mother a drink of water and eat more vegetables and fruit. Help calm your mother's mind.

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