Treatment For Bowel Movements Accompanied By Blood?

I want to ask . Can the drug mefenamic acid treat bloody bowel pain?

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Mefenamic acid is a drug that is included in the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) class. Mefenamic acid is commonly used to help reduce inflammation and as a mild to moderate painkiller. Mefenamic acid can have several side effects such as pain in the stomach, stomach irritation, nausea, allergies.

Mefenamic acid cannot be used to treat bloody bowel movements. Bloody bowel movements can also be caused by various causes such as:

hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids
colon inflammation
gastric bleeding
irritation around the anal canal

If your bowel movements are caused by stomach bleeding, then this is a contraindication to using mefenamic acid.

Therefore, if you have blood stool, you should check with your doctor first so that the doctor can check your condition directly, and later the doctor can provide the right therapy.

Here's an article that you can read about mefenamic acid

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