Treatment For Cesarean Section Wounds?

Illustration of Treatment For Cesarean Section Wounds?
Illustration: Treatment For Cesarean Section Wounds?

Hello doctor, I want to ask, I gave birth to Secar for the second time with an incision wound on a long scar, the distance of the first child to the second child was about 5 years, and now it has entered the 48th day after surgery, but at the end of the knot the stitches are still bleeding and a little fluid, what should I do doctor to overcome it, and what foods should and never eat .. ??

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Postoperative injuries will enter several phases of wound recovery. The wound healing phase consists of the inflammatory phase, fibroblastic phase, and maturation phase. The wound recovery phase begins with the enlargement of blood vessels, blood will flow to the wound area a lot, including platelets which play a role in blood clotting will help blood clots in the injured area. Furthermore, scar tissue will begin to form as the next wound healing stage, collagen will begin to grow in the injured area. Collagen growth will continue until the wound closes completely, otherwise small blood vessels / capillaries will be formed to help provide nutrients to the wound healing area.

In the process of wound healing there are several factors that can affect wound recovery, several things to consider include:

Wound hygiene and routine wound cleansing control. Avoid movements that are too extreme so they can open stitches or cause bleeding from the injured area. Avoid using clothes that are too tight to reduce friction with injuries. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption during wound healing. Maintain a good diet, reduce fried food, adequate rest. Avoiding collisions in the injured area. Controlling accompanying diseases that you experience such as hypertension, diabetes. If you look loose on the stitches, blood that comes out of the wound area does not stop, the wound looks red, swollen, feels painful, and pus comes out of the wound, immediately come to the doctor to take control related to examination of the wound and appropriate management according to your condition. Avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions, keep the wound clean and control the wound regularly to prevent infection.

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