Treatment For Chickenpox That Doesn’t Go Away?

Illustration of Treatment For Chickenpox That Doesn’t Go Away?
Illustration: Treatment For Chickenpox That Doesn’t Go Away?

I am a 16 year old daughter, I have smallpox all over my body and face, at first I didn’t know but on Monday, 24 there were red bumps but I let it be on Wednesday 26th, the pox was red and big but that night my mother gave me tamarind leaf medicine the same as turmeric and rice flour until now. Chicken pox it’s been a week. Can I use the ointment and acyclovir tablets?

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It needs to be clarified, what is the condition of the child who you call chickenpox? What exactly does the rash look like? Is it filled with fluid, pus, itchy, or something like? Where on the body does the rash appear?

Indeed, one of the most common causes of the appearance of a reddish rash on the body is chicken pox (varicella). This condition arises due to infection with the Varicella zoster virus. This virus can be transmitted through saliva droplets that are inhaled into the respiratory tract or also through direct and indirect contact with rashes on the skin of other sufferers. Initially, people with chickenpox will usually experience flu-like symptoms, such as coughing, runny nose, muscle and joint pain, and a feeling of unwell. Then, this complaint will appear followed by a reddish skin rash that becomes watery and spreads from the middle of the body (namely the stomach, chest, genitals) and then to the surrounding skin area (hands and feet). This rash can cause intense itching, then dry up and become a scab.

However, you also need to know that apart from chicken pox, there are many other conditions that can cause the appearance of a reddish rash as you experience, for example atopic dermatitis, insect bites, scabies, allergies, side effects, hand foot and mouth disease, measles, and others. Each of these conditions is distinctly different from chickenpox, both in terms of the cause or the appropriate treatment to be administered.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not rush to consume or apply drugs carelessly on complaints on your skin. Check with your doctor or skin specialist first so that you can be evaluated, is it true that your complaint arises from chickenpox, or is there another cause. Treatment will be adjusted by the doctor to the underlying cause of your complaint. Indiscriminate use of drugs without proper medical indications (including acyclovir) is very risky to cause various health problems, including allergies, and so on. Therefore, before seeing a doctor, you should not first consume drugs.

As a first step, you can take the following steps:

Bathing regularly 2 times a day
Do not rub, peel, scratch, or rub anything on the skin rash that appears
Wear clean, dry, soft clothing
Change clothes after every shower
Do not exchange personal items with other people
If itching appears, sprinkle salicyl powder on the rash that appears
Drink more water
Reduce first foods that contain high protein, including seafood, egg yolks
Get more regular and adequate sleep

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