Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis?

Illustration of Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis?
Illustration: Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis?

It’s been more than 3 years, my nose is like a sore and my ears are slightly closed and there is a buzzing. If I press the heel and the surrounding feels until the nose. Several months ago, I was on a plane and my nose hurt and it felt like swelling. Initially the right nose but a few days later the left and the right side gradually disappeared, followed by the left nose gradually disappeared. I thought maybe it was sinusitis. After the doctor said, Fan said sinusitis. What I want to ask: r n1. Can sinusitis be cured? R n2. Can sinusitis cause pain in the heel when pressed or pain in the joints of the legs? R n3. Can nyut2 nose be healed? Because how many times have been doctored and given medicine, the nyut2 has not gone away for more than 3 years and the doctor said that due to allergies, it can’t go away. R nPlease help from the doctor. R nThank you

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We will answer your questions:

1. Sinusitis can certainly be cured with proper treatment by an ENT specialist. Please consult an ENT doctor and take the recommended treatment. In some conditions, sinusitis tends to recur, but it can still be treated.

2. Sinusitis is an inflammatory process in the sinus sinuses in the head / face area. Not related to pain in the joints of the feet.

3. The pain in the nose can be relieved if the inflammatory process has been handled properly.

Indeed, a history of allergies can make sinusitis recur frequently. There are several types of treatment for chronic sinusitis, including:

nasal irrigation using saline
warm compress
administration of nasal decongestants
administration of drugs such as antibiotics

Allergies can be controlled so that sinusitis does not recur. You can consult an ENT doctor for this.

Some of our suggestions:

Avoid allergens, for example: dust, cold. Use a mask if necessary
Improve your immune system, by eating nutritious foods, taking regular breaks, and exercising regularly
Take supplements if necessary
Get an allergy test if necessary

So, hopefully you can help.

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