Treatment For Cirrhosis Of The Liver

good afternoon ,, I want to ask the doctor, my father has 5 years of mind cirrhosis of the liver, the beginning of the liver, then hepatitis B continues to become cirrhosis of the liver. if cirrhosis of the liver how to treat it like what? then my father often experienced stomach pain in the midriff and feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit. why is that ?? then what is the medicine and treatment? Can cirrhosis of the liver be cured? Thank you for your help and guidance. Thank you.

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Basically liver cirrhosis is a condition where there is a lot of scarring in the liver. Liver cells that are damaged due to one thing or another will improve, but do not improve into normal cells but become scar tissue (fibrosis). This scar tissue cannot function like normal liver cells. This condition is an irreversible condition, meaning that liver cells that have been turned into scar tissue will not be able to return to normal cells again.

Because cirrhosis of the liver itself cannot be cured, what can be done is to find the cause of the liver cirrhosis and overcome the cause to slow the progression of damage to the liver and the formation of scar tissue. Therapy is also done to overcome the complications of cirrhosis of the liver (for example ascites, esophageal varices, peritonitis, encephalopathy, etc.). If indeed cirrhosis of the liver occurs due to chronic hepatitis B infection, then your father needs therapy for his hepatitis B. Care and treatment for liver cirrhosis cannot be done alone and cannot be done at a general practitioner. Your father should have regular check-ups with an internist for Hepatitis B therapy, treatment for possible complications, monitoring of liver cirrhosis progression, etc. The examination must be carried out routinely according to the schedule given by the doctor and this routine examination must be carried out for the rest of your father's life. People who have chronic hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis have a higher risk of suffering from liver cancer. Therefore, examination of disease progression is very important to do.

Regarding heartburn and nausea, vomiting experienced by your father, these symptoms can indeed indicate a normal problem in the stomach, but can also occur due to disorders of the liver. To be sure, do an examination to an internist for further evaluation. Examination should not be postponed if until your father experiences severe vomiting until it is difficult to eat and drink, your father is increasingly weak, your father's skin looks increasingly yellow, changes in mental status and personality, decreased consciousness, sleep disturbance, disorientation, visible stomach bulging more, or if the stomach feels hard and your father has a high fever.

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