Treatment For Clavicle Fractures?

Illustration of Treatment For Clavicle Fractures?
Illustration: Treatment For Clavicle Fractures?

Tonight, my 20 year old woman wanted to ask about clavicle fracture. On July 24th, I had an accident which resulted in a fracture of the clavicula in the medial left clavicle and no surgery, medication treatment and arm sling + verband backpack. But after 1 month, it seems that my shoulder width is much shorter than the right one and my left shoulder is slightly higher than the right one. I took off the verband backpack at week 3 and just put it on again at week 4. Because at that time the pain and hot weather were gone. ?

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A clavicle fracture is a condition when it is broken or cracked or broken or broken in the collarbone or clavicle. Occurs as a result:

1. Trauma, such as an accident.

2. Repetitive pressure, for example on the coolie job.

3. Pathological or weakness, usually occurs in the elderly due to decreased bone composition.

The treatment of clavicle fractures depends on the type of fracture. Handling can be done by surgery (insertion of pins) and non-surgical procedures (splinting using a cast). In a clavicle fracture, the fractured bone fuses together in 6 weeks and fuses completely within 12 weeks, so the cast should be worn for at least 6 weeks. Surgery will be performed if:

1. Open fractures because of the risk of infection, so the wound should be cleaned in the operating room.

2. There is injury to blood vessels and nerves.

3. The fracture does not combine with the splint, so it still causes pain.

4. There is deformity in the fused fracture.

5. Broken with lots of fragments.

I suggest that you should consult an orthopedic doctor in order to get the right treatment. Improper handling can cause injury to the lungs, blood vessels and nerves. Immediately seek medical help if you experience shortness of breath, look pale, dizzy, faint, fainting and decreased consciousness.

That is the information I can provide, hopefully it is helpful and useful.

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