Treatment For Diabetes And Depression?

Illustration of Treatment For Diabetes And Depression?
Illustration: Treatment For Diabetes And Depression?

Excuse me, I want to ask. I have been suffering from diabetes since I was 14 years old. Now I am 21 years old. I have been suffering from diabetes for 7 years and my body is shrinking. The drug that I use now for 7 years is insulin. I want to ask, is it possible for my body to stop shrinking? Then how to treat diabetes apart from insulin? Because my body continues to shrink. Then do I have to take anti-depressants to treat my depression? Thank you

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First of all, it needs to be ascertained in advance, is it true that the diabetes you are suffering from is type I diabetes and has your blood sugar been controlled so far?

In general, diabetes suffered by children is type I diabetes (although it is still possible for children to have type II diabetes). If indeed you have type I diabetes, then the only treatment that can be done is giving insulin. Type I diabetes occurs because of damage to cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Because the pancreas can no longer produce insulin, no one can put glucose into the body's cells to be used as a metabolic fuel and glucose levels in the blood become high. Because insulin can no longer be produced by the body, insulin must be given from outside and type I diabetics must use insulin for the rest of their lives.

Regarding your body that continues to shrink, the cause has to be analyzed again, for example do you eat enough in number every day? Is your insulin dose enough to make your blood sugar normal? Are there other diseases that you experience that might cause weight loss, for example hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, cancer, etc.? You should consult further with your intern doctor to find out more about the cause of your weight loss. You should also always consult with your doctor about using insulin so that the dose can always be adjusted to your needs.

Regarding depression, antidepressant drugs are hard drugs that you should not take without consulting directly with a doctor and you should not buy without a prescription from a doctor. If indeed you experience symptoms of depression, you should consult yourself to a psychiatrist so that it can be further evaluated, whether the symptoms of depression occur because of the disease you have or the drugs you consume, or indeed you experience mood disorders.

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