Treatment For Diabetes Mellitus?

1. To evaluate DM with glibenclamide treatment by checking gds, g2pp, gdp. Are the results accurate? Are you affected by the glibenclamide drug, or must you stop the drug first? And if the results are normal, will the dose be continued or reduced? R n. R n2. Due to consideration of the long-term effects of glibenclamide (hypoglycemia) as DM monotherapy, can it be replaced with metformin as monotherapy or in combination? Previous use of glibenclamide – + 5 months.

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In patients with a history of diabetes,

1. evaluation of blood sugar checks can be done by checking random blood sugar, fasting blood sugar, and 2 hours after eating; However, examination of fasting blood sugar and 2 hours after eating is a standard examination that is often performed for diagnosis, evaluating the patient's clinical condition, and evaluating the treatment that has been done.

Therefore, when checking blood sugar, the diabetes medication that is consumed is continued according to the prescribed medication schedule. So that patients do not need to stop treatment when the examination is carried out. This is to determine the therapeutic response that is being undertaken.

Furthermore, discontinuation, increase the dose or continue the treatment depends on the doctor who treats the patient, so that the patient cannot adjust the dosage independently. Therefore, if the blood test results are obtained, the patient will immediately go to the doctor who treats him.

2. Drug discontinuation and replacement can only be done by the doctor who treats the patient directly, so that glibenclamide cannot be replaced without the doctor's approval.

Hypoglycemic side effects can be prevented by education and also regular control to the treating doctor.

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