Treatment For Dust Mite Bites?

Illustration of Treatment For Dust Mite Bites?
Illustration: Treatment For Dust Mite Bites?

I was hit by a dust mite bite, it felt very failed and was a bit sore, at this time the bumps on the bite started to turn red to black in the middle there was a slight bump (3 days after being bitten).

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Can Bufacort N Cream be used for a bites of dust, with complaints of itching, aches, red bumps rather black in the middle after 3 days being bitten.

for dust mite bites, it should be noted several possible causes of pain, there are mites that bite the body by producing bumps in unspecified places, and there are mites that specifically bite certain areas such as between the fingers, groin, groin, around the genitals, and so on, then it attacks many people in one house and the itching is more severe at night. If there are signs like this, the probable cause is mites, commonly called scabies. for the treatment of scabies is also different, need special drugs that can kill these mites and must consult with the nearest doctor.

However, if the complaint is in the form of bumps, blackish red, itchy and sore, but not in the areas mentioned above, the possible causes of the disease are different, and it may still be treated with such drugs that contain hydrocortisone (anti-inflammatory) and neomycin (antibiotics) ointment. If the complaint does not improve immediately return to the doctor, then the doctor will conduct further tests and provide drugs that might reduce your symptoms. The ointment you are referring to here, can be used 2x a day, applied to the bumps after bathing. It can also be given an itch reducing medication later by the doctor where you are checking.

If you have done the examination to the nearest general practitioner and there has been no improvement, you can consult the nearest dermatologist to get further examination and treatment.

Things you can do at home:

-keep for personal hygiene and the environment by means of bathing 2x a day, not changing towels, using bath soap

-Clean the environment from dust, dirt and other sources of infection

- do a compress in the area that bumps with tap water and gauze or cloth, allowed to stand for 15 minutes, can be done 3x a day

- Maintain personal health by eating regularly, healthy and nutritious Minmal 3 times a day, with 4 healthy 5 perfect.

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