Treatment For Ear Feels Blocked?

Illustration of Treatment For Ear Feels Blocked?
Illustration: Treatment For Ear Feels Blocked?

, for five days my left ear could not hear. Already treated to a poly tht hospital with referral BPJS from the health center and now thank God it’s recovered / normal hearing. When treated by a doctor tht only cleansed his earwax using a suction pump. after my left ear heard again I was told to go home and not given drops or drink are also not told to control it again. You want to be asked if it’s okay / there are no side effects if the ears after being sucked in with a suction pump are not given drops or take it. Do I have to buy my own drops at the pharmacy? if yes, what medicine should I buy. thank you.

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Hello Janwar, Thank you for the question.

Complaints in ear plugging can be caused by various health conditions including:

buildup of earwax
the presence of foreign matter
otitis externa
otitis media
disorders of the Eustachian tube, the channel that connects the nasal cavity and throat (nasopharynx) with the middle ear. This tube serves to regulate the pressure in the middle ear to match the pressure of the external environment

The treatment that will be given by a doctor depends on what health condition you experience that underlies these symptoms. If indeed the complaint of ear congestion is only caused by a buildup of earwax and no other health problems in your ear, then the main treatment is to clean your ears from the pile of dirt and you do not need further treatment. If the doctor does not give ear drops or other medications, then there really is no other health problems in your ear and you do not need to use additional drugs.

Please keep your ear healthy by keeping your ears clean and dry. Avoid putting anything in the ear. If you want to clean your ears, do ear cleaning well. Please read the following article about good ear cleaning: How to clean the ears

Hopefully this information is useful.

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