Treatment For Endometriosis Sufferers?

Illustration of Treatment For Endometriosis Sufferers?
Illustration: Treatment For Endometriosis Sufferers?

Hello, I’m Rahma 25 years old. I became pregnant with my first child after about three years of marriage. My questions: 1. Can endometriosis disappear after giving birth? Because before I indicated endometriosis.2. Is it true that ultrasound of the fetal heart rate can be detected at 6 weeks’ gestation?

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Good evening Rahma, thank you for asking at Endometriosis is a condition when uterine tissue grows outside the uterus. What makes this a disease especially is the presence of uterine tissue growing outside the uterus, when you are in the menstrual cycle, who experience menstruation not only the uterus, but also the tissue that grows outside the uterus. As a result, extraordinary menstrual pain comes, heavy bleeding, and various other symptoms with various mechanisms, including infertility.

The cause of this endometriosis condition is still unknown. But among the allegations are due to immune system disorders, reverse menstrual blood flow, and surgical procedures in the area concerned. The risk itself will increase at:

Women who are aged between 25-40 years
Have a history of endometriosis in the mother, aunt, or sister
Never gave birth
Having uterine abnormalities
Suffer from certain conditions that can block menstrual bleeding

Consuming alcohol
Menstruation at a very young age
Short menstrual cycles, for example, less than 27 days
Experiencing menopause at an age older than normal.

Therefore regarding your question, because this condition is still unknown the cause, and among his suspicions also no one refers to pregnancy, childbirth will not eliminate endometriosis, let alone one of the symptoms of endometriosis itself is infertility. So your condition is actually quite good where you can still get pregnant despite endometriosis. Regarding this condition, after giving birth later, we recommend that you keep regular control with your obstetrician to find out the best treatment for your condition.

As for the next question, it's true that heart rate can begin to be detected in weeks 5-6, but that will depend on each person again. There could be a new one detected at week 8. What is clear though not detected, it does not mean the heart does not beat, so indeed you do not need to worry if on examination 5-6, your doctor can not detect it. It could be because there really is an error in the calculation. You only need to come in 1-2 weeks for further examination. So, hopefully answering your question.

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