Treatment For Enlarged Heart?

Illustration of Treatment For Enlarged Heart?
Illustration: Treatment For Enlarged Heart?

My old man is 60 years old, he was diagnosed by the doctor as having a swollen heart disease, due to frequent congestion .. and he has been in hospital for 3 times, but nothing has changed … how is the treatment solution?

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Thank you Nando19 for your question on the forum, an enlarged heart is often interpreted as a condition of cardiomegaly or an enlarged heart. Where this condition is usually often found in patients who have congestive heart failure, where this condition is characterized by symptoms such as:
- out of breath
- swollen foot
- tired easily
- got chest pain
- heart beat

The causes of this condition are quite a lot including:
- hypertension
- heart valve disease
- heart muscle disease
- thyroid disease
- anemia

In general, therapy for congestive heart failure is aimed at relieving symptoms, slowing disease progression, and improving life expectancy. Where the condition of tightness can recur, especially on unrestricted fluid intake, irregular treatment, or the presence of excessive physical activity. Treatment of this condition can be said to be quite difficult, because most conditions of heart failure are lifelong conditions that cannot be completely cured (and periodic control is needed). Therefore, you should still be able to consult again with a heart specialist so that a re-examination can be done to determine an appropriate therapy.

The following is an article about congestive heart failure

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