Treatment For Eyes That Feel Sore And Have Trouble Sleeping

Illustration of Treatment For Eyes That Feel Sore And Have Trouble Sleeping
Illustration: Treatment For Eyes That Feel Sore And Have Trouble Sleeping

doc want to ask, my eyes are inflamed on the right, pain, stinging at the right end until it is difficult to sleep because of pain …

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Hello Ari, thank you for asking at

Eye pain can cause discomfort because it can interfere with daily activities. Symptoms that arise are often in the form of red eyes and feel pain. This can indicate inflammation in the eye. Some causes of inflammation in the eyes include:


Glaucoma, and so on

To distinguish these causes of course it is necessary to do a physical examination of the eye and additional examinations such as eye examination, ophthalmoscopy, and so on.

Regarding your question some ways can be done right now are:

Don't rub your eyes
Keep eye clean
Washing hands before and after cleaning the eyes
Compress with warm or cold water
Avoid triggers inflammation
Avoid using tissue or handkerchief together with other people
Ensure cleanliness if you use contact lenses
Use glasses if you feel you are too sensitive to light
If it hurts, you can take paracetol as an additional therapy
Continue using the medicine according to doctor's instructions

If the complaint persists after the drug runs out or there is a complaint that is aggravating, for example, until the decline in vision goes back to your doctor for further treatment. Stay alert when you have to leave the house in the middle of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Use a mask and avoid using public transportation whenever possible. Keep your distance from others and regularly wash your hands with soap and running water.

So, hopefully useful.

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