Treatment For Fluid Buildup In The Lungs?

Illustration of Treatment For Fluid Buildup In The Lungs?
Illustration: Treatment For Fluid Buildup In The Lungs?

The night I wanted to ask, I had pneumonia, I had suctioned the fluid, the liquid came out as much as 2tbung, after I finished the lung suction, for 1 week later I asked to go home, after that I was given medicine by the doctor, but the lung medication was not I was given it. r nWell, I tried it here, I got treatment and I got pulmonary medicine from the doctor. r nBut I asked how about my health …. r nDoes removing the lung fluid as much as 2 in a small jar is dangerous ??? r nIs it true that suction of lung fluid can cause death?

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Hi Ibel,

The buildup of fluid in the lungs is called a pleural effusion. Pleural effusion has many causes, including:

Tuberculosis infection Pneumonia Heart failure Kidney failure Liver damage / cirrhosis Lung cancer

There are many other causes. Pleural effusion treatment depends on the underlying disease. If the amount is small and does not cause symptoms, usually the cause is enough and the fluid will self-absorb as it heals. But if the amount is large, and causes symptoms such as difficulty breathing, it is necessary to aspirate the pleural fluid with thoracocentesis.

The thoracocentesis procedure does have side effects or risks, such as pneumothorax, infection, organ injury and bleeding. But of course each procedure has considered the benefits and risks and in your case the benefits outweigh the risks. If performed properly and are sterile, this procedure is generally harmless. Precisely what is dangerous and can cause death is a heavy pleural effusion so that the lungs are completely submerged and there is difficulty breathing.

To find out the state of your health, at this time, it is necessary to do a direct examination by a doctor. You should follow the doctor's treatment steps with discipline, and control within the specified time.


dr. Mega

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