Treatment For Fungal Infections?

Illustration of Treatment For Fungal Infections?
Illustration: Treatment For Fungal Infections?

Is the drug nystatin good for fungal infections?

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Nystatin is one of the drugs included in the anti-fungal medication, where it works to kill fungus that causes disease in a person. But please also note that the drug nystatin cannot cure all diseases in humans caused by fungal infections, because this drug is only effective in certain types of fungi.

In general, this drug is often used to treat fungal infections of the type of Candida that can cause infections in various locations on the body such as the mouth, throat, intestine, vagina and others. Drug preparations that are sold today in Indonesia also vary, ranging from oral medication, topical medication, drugs that are inserted into the vagina and others, where all of its use is returned to the location where the fungus infection occurred.

If it is known for certain that a fungal infection that is happening is indeed caused by a Candida yeast infection, then treatment with nystatin may be enough to overcome it. But if it is not known with certainty or there may be no improvement with the use of nystatin, it is advisable to conduct further checks to the doctor to ascertain whether the nystatin drug currently used is appropriate or not to overcome the fungal infection and to determine what fungal infections which is currently being experienced, because there are quite a number of other antifungal drugs that might be more appropriate to use to treat fungal infections that are currently being experienced.

In addition to using anti-fungal drugs, there are also several other things that must be considered in the treatment of fungal infections, namely by taking care of personal hygiene (make sure the body is always clean, dry and not moist), eliminating the initial source of transmission of the fungal infection, and also exercising control when This experience is a disease that is chronic (old) and can reduce endurance such as diabetes, HIV infection, tuberculosis and others to prevent the occurrence of fungal infections or even worse.

You can also read more about fungal infections in the following article: yeast infections.

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