Treatment For Genital Herpes?

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Herpes simplex / genital is a disease that belongs to a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes simplex or genital is transmitted through direct contact during sex. The risk of getting herpes simplex increases if you have sex without using a condom.

Herpes simplex can cause symptoms such as the appearance of a red rash on the penis, accompanied by clusters of spots and accompanied by pain, heat, and itching. Herpes simplex can cause several complications, such as post herpetic neuralgia.

from the situation you are experiencing, a stiff neck to the left arm is not always caused by complications from herpes. Indeed, complications from herpes can occur anywhere in accordance with the affected nerves. Usually, complications of herpes such as postherpetic neuralgia cause pain in one specific area and are unilateral (only partially). In addition, postherpetic neuralgia will also cause stinging and burning in the affected area. If the condition you are experiencing is caused by herpes, then treatment is usually required using certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

but apart from that, the situation you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

neck muscle tension
pinched nerve
high blood pressure
osteoarthritis of the neck

Therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, you should immediately consult a doctor so that the doctor can examine your condition directly. Thus the doctor can provide the appropriate treatment.

the following article you can read about Herpes simplex

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