Treatment For Genital Warts On The Shaft Of The Penis?

Illustration of Treatment For Genital Warts On The Shaft Of The Penis?
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Need to clarify beforehand, what kind of genital warts do you experience? Have you been to a doctor and diagnosed with genital warts? So, where do you do genital wart spots? Did the doctor do it? What are the substances used in the process of genital wart spots?

Genital warts are caused by infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus is susceptible to transmission through direct and indirect contact during sexual intercourse. This condition can be characterized by the appearance of a painless reddish or gray flesh-like lump around the genital area, anus, mouth, or even the throat. Patients may feel itching or discomfort where the lump appears. Oftentimes, the bumps from warts can coalesce and form larger masses resembling cauliflower.

In some cases, the symptoms of genital warts can be very similar to other diseases, such as molluscum contagiosum, genital herpes, follicular keratosis, pearly penile papules, neurofibromatosis, syphilis, and so on. Therefore, if you have not consulted a doctor, it is not certain that what you are experiencing is indeed genital warts.

Warts and the surrounding area that peel and become sticky after a genital wart patch may appear due to irritation or allergies due to contact with the material used for the genital warts. It could also be that this condition arises as a result of a secondary infection in the warts that you had previously.

We are not authorized to make a definite diagnosis of the complaints you are experiencing at this time without doing a physical examination directly. Therefore, you should immediately consult a dermatologist and genital specialist. Avoid any application, including tissue and povidone iodine (betadine) in the pubic area unless it is recommended by a doctor. Always clean your pubic area, i.e. by rinsing it with good quality water, dry it properly, then then wear loose and clean pants. Avoid sexual intercourse first, unless you have been declared cured by a doctor.

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