Treatment For Gonorrhea?

Illustration of Treatment For Gonorrhea?
Illustration: Treatment For Gonorrhea?


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The symptoms of suppurating urine can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Gonorrhea urethritis

Non-specific urethritis, for example: Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Trauma to the genitals

Risk factors for purulent urination include: more than 1 sexual partners, sexual relations with prostitutes, high-risk sexual partner behavior, and a history of previous sexually transmitted infections. Before determining the drug given, patients need to consult directly with a doctor or specialist skin and genitals. The doctor will carry out an evaluation through history taking, physical examination, and possibly a supporting examination according to the indications found, for example examination of secreted fluid that comes out with the aid of a microscope. Your doctor may give you oral medication or injection drugs to treat the disease.

If the doctor's practice at the hospital you are going to is closed, you can return to the doctor who serves you at the clinic or primary health care facility. If indeed any indication is found to be referred to a hospital, the doctor at the clinic can refer you to another hospital whose dermatologist and genital specialist is available to provide services. If it is true that the disease you are experiencing is gonorrhea urethritis, treatment is needed with antibiotics that are classified as hard drugs so they should not be purchased or used arbitrarily without a prescription and doctor's supervision.

As a recommendation, patients are also advised to take the following steps:

Maintain cleanliness of the genital area
Use clean underwear and change if it feels moist
Not having sexual intercourse until confirmed by the doctor
Encourage the patient's sexual partner to have a check-up as well and be treated if there are indications to prevent the cycle of infecting each other that is vulnerable if only one of them is treated
Avoid risky sexual relations in the future

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