Treatment For Healing Bartholini Cyst Abscess?

Illustration of Treatment For Healing Bartholini Cyst Abscess?
Illustration: Treatment For Healing Bartholini Cyst Abscess?

Hello, 3 days ago I went to the Obsgyn clinic to check my Bartholin Cyst that was swollen and painful. At first the resident doctor advised to give action to make a small hole so that the fluid could come out but the head doctor did not allow it without a clear reason. While I was advised to return again on days 4-5 and given mefenamic acid drugs, fluconazole and trimethoprim. During the return home there is no change even the abscess is enlarged and the pain is getting worse until the limp is not strong enough to hold the pain. Are there any options for the best healing? thank you

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Hello Kiraw,

Thank you for asking

The Bartholin gland normally produces vaginal lubricating fluid, especially during sexual intercourse. However, because the channel is blocked, this gland can become inflamed and eventually form a fluid-filled sac called a Bartholin cyst. These cysts are often also filled with pus due to infection, so it is also called an Bartholin's gland abscess. Clinically, this condition can cause sufferers to experience lumps or swelling in the vaginal lips, which feels painful, reddish, and often also causes fever and chills that are very annoying. This condition certainly needs to be treated properly so that it does not recur or even become the focus of infection to other tissues around it.

In most cases, Bartholin's cyst is not a serious condition and can improve on its own with conservative therapy, such as administration of medicines and some types of natural treatment at home, for example by:

Soaking the genitals in warm water or sitting on a warm mat several times a day
Take pain relievers, for example paracetamol, to reduce pain
Improve the cleanliness of intimate areas, including by cleaning it with good quality water after every bowel movement, not having risky sex, always using clean underwear and pants that are clean and changing regularly
Do not carelessly use chemical products, such as spermicides, deodorizing soap, pantyliners, sexual lubricants, and so on around the vagina
Do not hold the vagina with dirty hands

However, if the conservative therapy does not improve the cyst, instead it causes more severe complaints, we recommend that you check yourself back to the doctor, dermatologist, or obstetrician. Further treatment, for example surgery or marsupalization, can also be recommended by doctors in more severe cases.

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