Treatment For Heart Failure?

Illustration of Treatment For Heart Failure?
Illustration: Treatment For Heart Failure?

Hello, Please help with information and advice. My father used to have symptoms of swollen legs, was taken to the hospital, given a diuretic medication, eventually he often urinated, his appetite was reduced and my father who was fat, slowly leaned to the point of being very thin. Finally he experienced symptoms of shortness of breath until he had to be taken to the hospital and diagnosed with glands in the lungs, there was an infection too, and hypertension. Previously my father did not have hypertension. My father is an active smoker and is 50 years old. During his stay in the hospital, he was dusted and given an expectorant-type drug to expel his phlegm, and shortness of breath, his cough began to decrease. Six days later my dad brought my mother to the hospital park, ate and suddenly had a seizure, her mouth bubbled, her eyes flickered, her body stiffened and fainted. It turned out that my father at that time had heart failure and his weight reached 170 and oxygen in the brain was only 87%. After that my father helped the medical team and finally was rescued and regained consciousness. After that, my father gave me the drug Digoxin and from that moment on my father became anxious, emotionally distorted, unstable, sensitive, and always talking, didn’t want to sleep, almost didn’t want to eat, said nonsense, there was a red rash on his body and cheeks. Please explain and advise. We should focus on where to go first and more precisely what therapy to do so that my father can return to normal. Thanks.

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Good morning. Thank you for asking

The condition of heart failure is a condition where the thickening of the heart muscle that usually goes on for a long time so that the ability of the heart pump to be reduced which causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath short, this occurs because of the accumulation of fluid in the left heart and swelling in the leg area , abdominal pain, enlargement of the liver area that occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in the right heart. The occurrence of this can be triggered by conditions of high blood pressure, heart valve disorders, post heart attacks and others.

In this case, treatment should be carried out routinely and in a controlled manner so that the ability of the heart muscle can be maintained and not become worse. Treatment should be carried out routinely to doctors, especially heart specialists, with drugs given routinely and according to the rules of use. Some things that also must be considered addalah

Avoid high-salt foods. Limit salt to a maximum of about ½ teaspoon per day
Enough fluids and do not overdo about 1 liter per day
Nutritious food avoid too fatty
Avoid smoking and alcohol

Regarding treatment, it is advisable to consult with the doctor who provides it so that the dose can be adjusted to your father's condition.

More information in the following article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thanks.

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