Treatment For Hives And Cold Allergies.?

Illustration of Treatment For Hives And Cold Allergies.?
Illustration: Treatment For Hives And Cold Allergies.?

I am Nadya, 20 years old, want to ask … Since two days ago I biduran, chronologically I was fasting, then I ate chicken penyet (which was already very common before eating penyetan), not long after I swam (at 7 an evening), the wind suddenly it was really tight, but I was still swimming … It was 10 o’clock it came out red, itchy, eh at 3 o’clock in the morning all over the body had bumps and itchy like islands (biduran) Then in the morning I went to the health center, given a drug named; Hydrochloride, Dexamethasone, and orange medicine (orange flavor) .. My blood pressure is 100/60, he said low blood, but I was browsing for Hydrochloride for lowering high blood pressure … Oh yeah, I’m a bit stuffy … but I don’t have asthma, only my biological brother died because of asthma … Sorry, please inform me … 🙏

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Hives are a skin reaction condition characterized by reddish or white lesions that appear more prominent than normal surrounding skin. Looks like islands that arise on the skin, can occur on the whole body. Hives can also be called urticaria. Urticaria can occur in various sizes, and can cause itching and pain in the area that is experiencing the reaction.

Urticaria can be caused by triggers that cause skin reactions such as allergic reactions to dust, pollen, insect bites, chemicals. Allergic reactions to certain foods, stress, insect bites, side effects on consumption of certain drugs. Changes in temperature in the environment can also trigger the emergence of hives / urticaria.

To overcome the condition of urticaria can be given steroids and antihistamines to reduce reactions to the skin and reduce itching. For obathydrochloride you mean need more detailed data related to the drug. For anti-hypertensive drugs is hydrochlorothiazide, including diuretics. It is recommended to take medication according to doctor's advice, avoid food or trigger urticaria. If urticaria arises until the face is swollen accompanied by shortness, immediately come to the nearest hospital emergency room for further examination and management.

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