Treatment For Hydrocephalus Without Surgery?

Illustration of Treatment For Hydrocephalus Without Surgery?
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In the afternoon I want to ask. I suffer from hydrosaphallus, I am 16 years old.. Is there a way to cure my disease other than surgery.. Thank you.

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Hi Ari,

Hydrocephalus occurs due to a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in a space in the brain called the ventricle. This excess fluid can cause the ventricles to enlarge and increase pressure in the brain. In infants whose skull bones have not yet hardened, there can be a larger head size. In older children or adults, the head size does not increase but severe symptoms can occur.

In adolescents and adults, symptoms include:

Headache Lethargy/weakness Loss of balance and coordination of movement Loss of control of urination or bowel movements Impaired vision Impaired memory, concentration and thinking

Normally, cerebrospinal fluid is produced in a certain amount and drained / excreted in a certain amount. Brain fluid functions to keep the brain floating in the skull, as a protector so that the brain is not easily injured, keeps pressure in the brain constant and is a place for disposal of brain metabolic products. Fluid buildup can occur due to any of the following:

Blockage of the ducts, for example due to a tumor, brain disorder or other Poor absorption, for example due to disease or injury Overproduction

In order not to build up fluid, the best way is to reduce the pressure by draining the fluid. The main way today is surgery. Hydrocephalus surgery can be done with a shunt, namely the installation of a tube that can drain brain fluid. One end of the shunt is in the ventricle of the brain while the other end is usually another site that can easily absorb cerebrospinal fluid, usually in the abdomen (stomach).

If your doctor recommends surgery, it should be done because of course he has considered that the benefits outweigh the risks. If left unchecked in the long term, it can cause movement disorders, epilepsy, visual disturbances, memory loss and so on and can even be life threatening.


dr. Mega

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