Treatment For Hydrocephalus?

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..rnDoes my child’s disease affect my wife’s womb??rnDoes my wife’s womb have to be checked first if she wants to have more children.rnThanks…

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Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid in the brain cavity due to abnormalities in the balance of formation, flow and/or absorption of brain fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). Hydrocephalus can be grouped into 3 types, namely:

Congenital or congenital hydrocephalus, namely hydrocephalus that occurs in the fetus during the womb or newborn. This condition is generally caused by infection during pregnancy, most often from TORCH infection. Acquired or acquired hydrocephalus, which often affects children and adults. The causes of hydrocephalus include brain tumors, bleeding in the brain, and head injuries. Hydrocephalus with normal pressure, which is generally experienced by the elderly or older people > 60 years. The main treatment for hydrocephalus is through surgery which aims to remove excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. One type of surgery that is often recommended is a shunt insertion surgery. Shunts that are placed on infants and children generally need to be replaced frequently as the child grows and grows physically.

If the cause of hydrocephalus in your baby or child is suspected due to infection during pregnancy, it is better to do further examination of your wife before planning the next pregnancy program. It is important to prevent and treat infections that occur in the mother during pregnancy. Consult a gynecologist for further examination and management.

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