Treatment For Hyperthyroid Disease?

Illustration of Treatment For Hyperthyroid Disease?
Illustration: Treatment For Hyperthyroid Disease?

Assalamu’alaıkum doctor My name is fachudın My age is 36 years I dıfonıs get hıpertıroıd after doing a laboratory test with a hasıl FT4.4.46 ng / dl dg nılaı normal 0.8-2.7 ng / dl … TSH u0026lt; 0.005mlu / ml dg 0.27 4.2 … My question is whether it is dangerous or not food or what medicine can return normal to both of them with cpt … On the advice that the doctor gave me say terımakasıhWasalamu’alaıkum wr wb

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Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition where there is increased activity of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a gland that has a location in the front of the neck around the Adam's apple. Increased activity of the thyroid gland can be accompanied by an increase in the size of the thyroid gland which is seen as a lump on the front of the neck.

The condition of hyperthyroidism is characterized by high levels of thyroxine in the body. To diagnose the condition of hyperthyroidism, consult your doctor about complaints that you experience due to hyperthyroidism such as weight loss for no apparent reason, tend to be more active, mood changes that tend to be easily emotional, difficulty sleeping, easy to sweat, diarrhea, decreased libido. After that a physical examination can be found that can be enlarged in the thyroid gland, then carried out supporting tests to check the levels of TSH and thyroxine (FT4) in the body, generally found FT4 that exceeds normal and TSH under normal under hyperthyroid conditions.

Some modalities of treatment for hyperthyroidism can be done with the consumption of drugs, radiotherapy, to surgery or surgery on the thyroid gland. Treatment for hyperthyroidism that you experience is recommended to consult with a doctor who submits a laboratory examination or can consult a doctor on internal medicine related to your condition. Avoid foods that are low in calories because metabolic conditions increase when hyperthyroidism, avoid taking medication alone without doctor's instructions.

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