Treatment For Inflammation Of The Teeth?

Illustration of Treatment For Inflammation Of The Teeth?
Illustration: Treatment For Inflammation Of The Teeth?

I want to ask yesterday, I just went to the doctor because of a toothache, then a few days later an abscess appeared in the gums, I have to finish the medication first or consult a doctor right?

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Gum abscesses can be caused by a bacterial infection that causes a buildup of fluid sometimes containing soil.

Signs of abscess include swollen gums, fluid filled, red, painful. Dental abscesses usually occur after surgery or tooth extraction.

Treatment of dental abscesses includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. It is recommended that all medicines consumed must be as directed by the dentist. So you should immediately consult with your dentist and follow the doctor's instructions for taking which drug first.

Prevention can be done:

1. Maintain clean teeth and mouth

2. Consuming soft-textured foods

3. Consume foods high in protein so that wound healing can occur quickly

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