Treatment For Kidney Stone Disease?

Illustration of Treatment For Kidney Stone Disease?
Illustration: Treatment For Kidney Stone Disease?

Hello, my dad always feels pain when I pee and I love going back and forth in the bathroom. At first my father thought he was exposed to new urine, but after an X-ray there was a stone in my dad’s kidney. coincidentally my father also had diabetes and heart. Guess what to maintain a good intake of food what to do? What are the taboo? coincidentally just now daddy I felt pain in the side of his lower abdomen, he said pain until bungkung bungkung and pain so, is it better at surgery too? But the doctor has not suggested. but on the other hand I can’t bear to see my dad in pain. Thank you

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Hello Asa, thank you for asking at

Before I introduce, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Kidney stones or in medical terms is called nephrolithiasisis a disorder due to the presence of components of crystal stones which clog and inhibit the work of the kidneys, especially in the channels caused by impaired balance in the solubility and deposition of salt in the urinary tract and kidneys.

Symptoms or clinical signs that can arise in patients with kidney stones as follows:

 Mild to severe pain and feel sharp both in the stomach, back and groin (colic) Pain during urination Frequent urination, sometimes urinating a little Nausea and vomiting Abdominal pain that your father feels is called colic. Colic is a pain that arises due to contraction of smooth muscle due to a blockage, which in your father is caused by kidney stones that are blocked.

Treatments for kidney stones can use drugs or surgery. The choice of treatment depends on the size of the stone, the location / position of the stone, the patient's age and clinical condition. If the doctor has not recommended surgery, the doctor must already have considered the decision.

All you have to worry about here is actually your father's heart disease and diabetes. With the stones in the kidneys will actually aggravate the work of the heart. Consult an internist if necessary. Fluid intake is highly considered in these conditions.

What you can do now is:

 Routine control according to a set schedule. Avoid excessive drinking because it will add to the workload of the heart, considering your father has heart disease. Eat - foods high in fiber. Avoid drinking tea, coffee, herbs that are not clear. Take medication according to the dosage and type recommended by your doctor. Don't take drugs carelessly because your father's kidneys are in trouble and most of the drugs are removed through the kidneys. That's all the answers I gave. Thanks.

Hopefully get well soon, and be healthy always. :)

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