Treatment For Leukemia?

Illustration of Treatment For Leukemia?
Illustration: Treatment For Leukemia?

Sorry I am a CML leukemia patient and am regularly taking glivec medicine every morning. . . what I want to ask, can I change the glivec drug to hbis saur or finish breaking the fast so I can fast

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The drug you mentioned contains the generic imatinib mesylate and is a drug that is often used in cancer patients because of its action which inhibits the growth and spread of cancer cells, especially blood cancer or leukemia.

People with leukemia conditions usually have symptoms that seem common such as fever, chills, headaches, weakness, weight loss, and swelling in certain body parts. Furthermore, this blood cancer will be further divided according to its type, namely:

ALL / acute lymphocytic leukemia

AML / acute myelogenic leukemia

CLL / chronic lymphocytic leukemia

CML / chronic myelogenic leukemia

Among the factors that increase a person's risk for developing this condition are heredity or genetics, having had cancer treatment, having experienced high levels of radiation exposure, and smoking. Treatment of leukemia includes drug or chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cell transplantation and so on.

Regarding your question, in general, if the medicine you take is only once a day, you can move it at dawn, which is not too far from your previous routine of taking your medication. If you take the medicine twice a day, doctors usually allow you to take the medicine at dawn and breaking the fast. However, with regard to the consumption of 2x a day, it will be better, especially in the routine use of drugs 3 times a day or more, to consult with the doctor who treats you, whether the medicine should be replaced with a higher dose but once a day or is there another solution. Some doctors usually still 'force' the consumption of drugs 3 times a day with one time breaking, once before bed, and once at dawn, but that means the drug content in the body from breaking the fast to starting fasting is very high.

So actually the one who can best answer your question is the doctor who treats you because we do not know how many milligrams of the dose you take, how many times a day and what is your target for treatment. Because it is not a problem to ask your doctor by coming before the time of control or maybe via telephone if available, because you have to determine before the fast a few more days.

What is clear, you have to maintain your immune system by avoiding stress, cigarette smoke, consuming more nutritious foods and getting enough rest, and be patient in undergoing treatment. Hopefully you will be well soon.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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