Treatment For Low Back Pain In Patients With Cervical Erosion Level 1?

Illustration of Treatment For Low Back Pain In Patients With Cervical Erosion Level 1?
Illustration: Treatment For Low Back Pain In Patients With Cervical Erosion Level 1?

Hi Doctor good afternoon, today I was exhausted in antibiotic therapy for urinary tract infections and also in detoxification of the uterus aka vaginal discharge in the uterus, and jrengggjrenggg … I was affected by cervical erosion remembering 1 aka uterine ulceration, doctors at the clinic advised me to laser action and he said cervical erosion healing is only from the action page, is there no other way without having to act lax? Second question, my hip or waist hurts, my doctor said it was due to cervical erosion, is that right? And if my cervical inflammation heals, does my waist not hurt anymore. Please help the doctor’s proposal for my problem, thank you doctor …

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Hello Ipuk915, thank you for your question.

I do not understand what is meant by uterine detoxification. The term is not a standard medical term. It is possible that the term is used only to facilitate layman's understanding. If you are referring to a pap smear examination, then it may be able to detect cervical erosion. Cervical erosion is a condition in which the surface epithelial cells of the cervical wall are replaced by the type of cells that should be in the lower layer. The reasons are varied, for example:

Irritation or allergies due to a certain material, for example vaginal cleaning fluid.
Friction during sexual intercourse.
Bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections. Infection can be in the form of sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted infections.
Contraceptive effect.

Symptoms can be:

Pain during or after sexual intercourse.
Spotting of bleeding in vaginal mucus.
Lower abdominal pain or hips.
Can coincide with urinary tract infections.

The procedure depends on possible causes. If an infection is suspected, medication can be given according to the causative microorganism. Or you can also do actions like laser or cryosurgery. You can ask for a second opinion from another obstetrician if you are not sure. After that, discuss the possible actions you can take.

Hopefully this short review can be useful. Regards.

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