Treatment For Lung Disorders?

Illustration of Treatment For Lung Disorders?
Illustration: Treatment For Lung Disorders?

Hello, my name is Jennifer, 18 years old (female) … so I have experienced breathing problems from the age of 10 years, starting at the beginning of the 10/11 year, when suddenly I couldn’t breathe. And this continues until the next 10 years, Alan, but the more it gets worse the first time it only happens to the scaling, but the breath will repeat until I urge myself not to sleep again / open my eyes. But for 10 years this did not happen serially / often. My condition rarely happens sometimes, it can be 2 years, sometimes it can be 2 months, and once it happens, I will definitely experience breathlessness that occurs repeatedly. In the past 10 years, I have never seen a doctor, only once had a heart examination. And the results are normal, I want to know if the problem is. I have to check where and what is the solution. Thank you.

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Hello Jennifer, thank you for asking with

Before helping answer your complaint, it needs some additional information such as whether you have a history of allergies or asthma in the family, whether you have allergies or have triggers of complaints that you feel, do you often feel excessive sleepiness during the day, whether there is cough, runny nose, chest palpitations, fever, or other complaints?

Some causes of your complaint include:

Allergic rhinitis

Congenital heart disease or heart failure

Respiratory tract infections
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Sleep apnea
To determine the exact cause of your complaint, a physical examination, a blood test, an allergy check or a nighttime sleep observation or polysomnography are required. You should consult with a lung specialist in order to get the right treatment. If indeed you have a history of asthma and your complaints are caused by allergies or something triggers, you can try to find out the cause of your allergies or triggers such as food, dust, dirt, cold, physical / sports activities, cigarette smoke, viral infections and others Your doctor will also provide medicines that are appropriate for the cause of your complaint.

Some things you can do are:

Find your trigger or allergy, and try to avoid it
Clean often, your room and your house
Avoid excessive stress
Rest and drink enough water
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
If you complain of severe shortness of breath that makes it difficult to talk or activity you should immediately come to the nearest health facility

Hopefully this information can be useful. Thank you

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