Treatment For Lung Infections?

Illustration of Treatment For Lung Infections?
Illustration: Treatment For Lung Infections?

How to deal with lung infections may use oxygen sold in pharmacies?

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Basically, lung infections can be caused by various microorganisms, can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Giving oxygen will not cure this lung infection. Oxygen is only given if the patient experiences shortness of breath (which can be a symptom of a lung infection).

If you experience shortness of breath due to lung infection, it helps you immediately check yourself in the hospital. First of all, the cause of your shortness of breath must be sought first (because the cause of shortness of breath is not always a lung infection, it can also be caused by asthma, COPD, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, heart problems, gastrointestinal disorders, disorders of the airways above, can even be caused by psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks). Oxygen therapy must not be done haphazardly. Giving excessive oxygen can also cause oxygen toxicity (oxygen toxicity). This condition can endanger your life.

Therefore, if you have indeed been diagnosed with a lung infection by a doctor, you should undergo the therapy given by your doctor only. If you have not consulted a doctor, immediately consult a doctor so that further evaluation and management can be carried out.

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