Treatment For Lupus Damaged Eyes?

Illustration of Treatment For Lupus Damaged Eyes?
Illustration: Treatment For Lupus Damaged Eyes?

Doctor, can you please not have any other options to cure my aunt’s eyes that are getting more and more blurred, my aunt has lupus, it’s been years and 3 years her eyesight is getting blurry, the eye specialist that my aunt has visited said that it can’t be cured, please is there really no other option for a doctor so that my aunt can see clearly again?

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Hello Gradisayn, thank you for asking.

We are also sorry for what happened to your aunt. However, unfortunately without enough information, we cannot provide targeted advice. As you know, lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease. That is, a person's body's immune cells will normally attack the body's own cells. This disease is systemic so that every system and organ of the body can be disrupted, including the eyes.

Symptoms of lupus are different in each person, depending on what organ is experiencing the problem. Therefore, in the eye, every part of the eye may have problems. If the problem is with the optic nerve or retina, vision is most likely to be irreparable. Damage to the optic nerve and retina cannot be repaired and as long as lupus is not controlled, disease progression will continue.

What may be done is to control lupus so that the process of vision loss can be slowed. Consult again with the eye doctor about how the right way that can be done by the family to help your aunt adjust to the conditions of vision.

Thus presumably a brief explanation from me, hopefully can help find a solution. Regards.

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