Treatment For Lupus?

Illustration of Treatment For Lupus?
Illustration: Treatment For Lupus?

, I am a 29 year old man, almost a year I have experienced rashes on my face and in my ears which sometimes disappear and sometimes recur but if they relapse, I give beta noodles sometimes get better but lately my joints are sore and fast tired and my scalp felt itchy. do I have lupus? If I have lupus what should I do and how long can I last it? Thank you

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Hello Saint,

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immunity attacks the body's own cells, tissues or organs, causing chronic (long-term) inflammation. The complaints that initially appear are sometimes atypical, so patients who are suspected of having lupus will undergo a series of investigations.

The condition you experience can be caused by lupus, but it can also be complaints that are not related to one another. For example, a rash on the face may be caused by eczema, allergies or irritation due to the use of certain products.

while your joint complaints can be caused by arthritis, gout or fatigue. Once you have the condition of your scalp, it can be caused by dermatitis, dandruff or tinea capitis.

So it is very difficult to say whether you currently have lupus or not. If you wish, you can check with an internal medicine doctor for further information, physical examination and supporting examinations.

A person suffering from lupus should carry out regular medication and control to reduce the severity of symptoms and prevent damage to the affected organ. Usually the resistance of lupus sufferers depends on the type of lupus they have and the complications that arise due to lupus.

Some of the following patterns of life are very good for people with lupus:

increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and wheat and other high-seta foods
avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages
enough rest
exercise routine

so, hopefully useful

dr. Barrel

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