Treatment For Male Baldness?

Illustration of Treatment For Male Baldness?
Illustration: Treatment For Male Baldness?

good evening, I want to ask how effective is minoxidil + biotin 10,000 mcg for treating baldness in men? if the evective will the results be permanent or fall back when usage is stopped, with my notes there are no bald descendants / bald genes from my family, thank you please answer

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Hello Takama, thank you for asking.

Basically, the effectiveness of any type of treatment is very dependent on the physical condition of each individual. An effective drug in one person may not be effective in another person. Similarly, the use of drugs to treat hair loss. You must find out first what causes your hair loss. If the cause has not been found, then maybe the effects of the drug are only temporary. The drugs and supplements you mentioned are indeed used to stimulate hair growth. You can just try it as long as there are no severe side effects.

You need to know that the causes of hair loss include:

Hormonal effect.
The effect of certain drugs.
Chronic disease.
Autoimmune disease.
Hair care products.
Psychic stress.
Eating disorders.
Hair follicle infection by a microorganism.
Genetics (if one or both of your parents are carriers of the hair loss gene, then your parents may not be bald but can still reduce the bald gene).

It's best if you want to find out more in detail, you can discuss with a dermatologist to plan treatment measures.

Hopefully this answer can be useful. Regards.

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