Treatment For Paronychia?

Illustration of Treatment For Paronychia?
Illustration: Treatment For Paronychia?

At noon, my thumb was affected by paronychia, now it is festering. I had previously soaked it in antiseptic fluid and also took antibiotics. But it seems that there is no sign of recovery yet. Mohin should advise how, thank you

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Hello Aishakim, Thank you for the question.

Paronychia is an infection that occurs in the skin around the nails, either nails or toenails. This infection can be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Symptoms experienced by sufferers include swelling, pain, and redness. Handling of the paroninya depends on the severity and causes. If you have compressed and taken antibiotics but the symptoms have not improved, please consult your doctor again. The doctor will re-examine your hand. The next action that may be performed by a doctor is a small surgical procedure to remove the pus. If this condition is accompanied by the growth of nails that grow into the skin, the doctor will also remove the nails part or all of the nails. In the meantime, please continue to finish taking antibiotics. You can also warm compresses or soak your hands in warm water for 15-20 minutes to help with pain and swelling.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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