Treatment For Patients With Kidney Infections?

Illustration of Treatment For Patients With Kidney Infections?
Illustration: Treatment For Patients With Kidney Infections?

Afternoon Doctor r nI want to ask what is a good antibiotic? R nThe problem is that my kidney continues to be infected, but the hospital has already given number 1 antibiotic but still there are bacteria. R n r nThank you doctor .

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Hello Anggi, Thank you for the question.

Have you checked your doctor again? Kidney infections usually occur due to infection of the bladder that rises to the kidneys or in other words, kidney infections are a complication of urinary tract infections. Women have a higher risk for urinary tract infections because the size of the urethra (urinary tract) is shorter than men. Some symptoms of kidney infection are blood or pus in the urine, fever, nausea, vomiting, pain in the side of the stomach or back, pain during urination, incomplete feeling after urinating, often urination. To diagnose someone having kidney infection the doctor needs to know the patient's complaints, examine the patient, and is supported by a urine examination. If proven to have kidney infection, the sufferer will be treated with antibiotics for a certain period of time.

If after completing antibiotics you still experience symptoms and / or urine tests still indicate an infection, then this is likely caused by bacterial immunity to the antibiotics you are taking. The doctor will recommend a urine culture examination, which is a test to grow the bacteria that causes this infection from urine. In addition, doctors also need to do an antibiotic sensitivity test on the growing bacteria to find out which antibiotic can still work to overcome the bacteria. Therefore, you should immediately check yourself back at the doctor for further examination. From the results of the examination the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment.

Please do the following suggestions:

multiply water consumption
avoid the habit of holding BAK
avoid intercourse
usually wiping the genitals from front to back after BAK, not the reverse direction
Use underwear that can absorb sweat easily
avoid using tight pants

I hope this helps.

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