Treatment For Purulent Kidneys?

Illustration of Treatment For Purulent Kidneys?
Illustration: Treatment For Purulent Kidneys?

I want to ask earlier I had consulted with the doctor of urology, he said I had kidney disease and my right kidney was festering, my urine was cloudy .. the doctor said I had to have surgery but I didn’t want to … how is the treatment?

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The existence of a kidney infection and it is said that the kidney has festering it is known medically as pyelonephritis. This condition is a condition where the infection occurs in the kidney tissue. In general, there is an infection that moves from the bladder that begins with a urinary tract infection and there is reflux (upward flow) of these bacteria. In women the occurrence of kidney infections is easier because women have a urethra (tube from the bladder to the urinary opening) is shorter than men. Likewise with children, urinary tract infections are very easy.

Kidney infection must be treated immediately to prevent the occurrence of kidney damage that continues and can cause permanent kidney damage. In addition, complications can also occur if bacteria or germs that infect the kidneys enter the blood and cause infection throughout the body.

Handling of kidney infections also depends on the severity of the infection. Following are the details of the handling of kidney infections are:

Treatment with oral antibiotics

Giving painkiller

In some cases where oral antibiotics do not improve then hospitalization should be administered intravenously.

In addition, if the patient is dehydrated and the general condition is weak, hospital care is also required

Hospitalization is aimed not only at treatment but for evaluating the treatment for which periodic urine checks and other examinations are required. In some cases, if special medical action is needed if there is enough pus or abscess in the kidney, a catheter is placed to drain the pus. Consult with the doctor who treats you about other alternative treatments besides surgery because the one who knows very well your condition is the doctor who examines and treats you. If indeed this action is very necessary, it is necessary to know the complications of a continuing infection that can lead to ongoing kidney damage.

That's what I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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