Treatment For Recurrence Of Dystonia?

Illustration of Treatment For Recurrence Of Dystonia?
Illustration: Treatment For Recurrence Of Dystonia?

3 years ago I was diagnosed with neck dystonia after 3 months of therapy and treatment, my neck has returned to health, but for the past 3 years my neck often relapsed sideways when I was worried I was confused whether I should check with a neurologist / psychologist, because I used to do therapy with a psychologist trimss …

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Dystonia is a disorder in the muscles where the muscles move or stiffen themselves unconsciously, making us make strange movements, vibrate, or feel stiffness.

The causes of dystonia vary, some are already known and sometimes not known at all triggers. Among what is known is because:

 Disorders of the nervous system, for example Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, brain paralysis, brain tumors, and stroke. Infections, such as HIV and inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Wilson's disease. Huntington's Disease. Side effects of drugs, such as drugs to treat schizophrenia and anti-seizures. Head or spinal cord injury. So to deal with dystonia, it is important to check yourself first to find out as much as possible the cause, and treated based on that cause. Regarding where to check, clearly not to a psychologist. You should try to make sure again when you checked yourself last time to a psychologist or to a psychiatrist / psychiatrist. Because these two professions even sound similar, the reality is different. Psychologists are not doctors, and do not undergo training or medical education. So that psychologists are not entitled to give any medicine or therapy, including those related to dystonia.

If it turns out that you actually came to the psychiatrist at that time, then the treatment you received should be correct. Because there are drugs for mental disorders that can trigger dystonia, and psychiatrists are competent to treat dystonia caused by psychiatric drugs.

For now, because we don't check you, and can't determine whether this is dystonia caused by the same thing or not, and can't determine whether it has to do with psychiatric drugs or not, we advise you to consult a neurologist, because causes other than the side effects of psychiatric drugs are the competence of the neurologist. If it turns out the neurologist thinks that you need a psychiatrist, then you go to a psychiatrist. If indeed the complaint is unbearable, then consult yourself at the nearest hospital emergency room. So, hopefully answering your question.

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