Treatment For Recurrent Pulmonary TB?

Illustration of Treatment For Recurrent Pulmonary TB?
Illustration: Treatment For Recurrent Pulmonary TB?

Good night, 10 years ago I got pulmonary tuberculosis, had been treated for 8 months injecting and taking medicine and until it was declared healed, but now in 2019 the disease recurred again and the coughing caused a lot of blood, whether repeated treatment what are you doing for 6 months? Are bacteria resistant to drugs?

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Hi Dede,

Have you seen your doctor again? TB is caused by a bacterial infection with tuberculosis. Handling TB is with anti-tuberculosis drugs (OAT) for at least 6 months. Recovered pulmonary TB can recur, this condition is called relapsed TB.

For the treatment of relapsed TB / TB cases of recurrence, OAT can be given back by checking the drug resistance test if necessary. OAT administration can last for 8 months or adjusted to the evaluation results on the patient's condition.

If you currently have a coughing up of blood again, I suggest that you see a lung doctor so that you can do a direct examination to determine whether you have TB recurrence or other causes. Further treatment will be given by the doctor in accordance with the results of your examination.

Some tips you can do:

Get enough rest
Avoid smoking and cigarette smoke
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Inadequate body fluid needs
Improve ventilation and home lighting
Do not carelessly expel phlegm
Use a mask when leaving the house / in a crowded place
Control routine with a doctor

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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