Treatment For Someone Who Has A Mental Disorder?

Illustration of Treatment For Someone Who Has A Mental Disorder?
Illustration: Treatment For Someone Who Has A Mental Disorder?

Good afternoon,. introduce my name is Rin, a 23-year-old woman. I want to talk at length about what I experienced and felt. I feel very strange to myself and always ask if everyone feels the same as me? I’m always worried about going to the outside world. meet people and such. that’s also why I have difficulty finding work. even though as a child, as I recall, I was quite active and socialized with the surrounding environment. but since my mother died in 2010, I began to close down. i feel so. but i don’t know. basically I am more often alone and never again say hello or stories again with my neighbors and my own family as usual. and that has become my habit until now. I was more silent. and do whatever my family says without protest. I just keep quiet and obey what they are told. I began to feel numb. but when I started working on my thesis in 2017, I started to be depressed because my family always pressured me. do this and that and such. finally I could not stand it and for the first time I did not do what they asked. I became more and more silent and more often shut myself in my room. I don’t want to run into my family. I am between lazy and afraid to face to face with my family. I feel uncomfortable meeting anyone. I am nervous, anxious, and scared. I don’t have anyone to tell me and help me. because for my family, I am indeed anti social, ignorant, and do not care about the circumstances. so they don’t care about me either. they silenced me too. but the longer, the more stressful I am. and I thought I should die. there is no point in living with fear and anxiety like this. nobody cared and helped me. I even thought about hurting myself, but I still didn’t dare to do it. maybe because my stress level can still be controlled huh? but if I do that, I can get the attention of my family. but I’m also not sure. they don’t care about me at all. what should I do to be able to live a normal life? I have tried to change by trying to go out and talk to people, but that does not eliminate my fear and anxiety. I still feel stiff. then I gave up and back locked myself in a room without eating. I eat usually at night when my family falls asleep. I also have digestive problems. there is not the slightest heartburn in my stomach. I’ve been like this for years. I’m confused what to do and why I’m like this. What is happening to me now, including mental disorders or what? sorry because my story is too long and beg for your help what should I do .. thank you ..

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Hello Rin, thank you for asking

Mental disorders mean disturbances or problems in mental health where good mental health that is when one's mental condition is in a calm state, so as to enable a person to enjoy and undergo daily activities and can interact well with other people in the environment. So that if mental health is disrupted which is a condition when there is a disorder that causes a person to be unable to carry out his daily activities as usual and also interactions with other people can be disturbed. Besides mental health disorders can interfere with mood, thinking ability, and emotional control that can lead a person to behave badly.

Types of mental health disorders consist of various forms, including mental health disorders that are often experienced, for example:

Stress, is a condition when someone is faced by a pressure or a heavy burden in the form of emotional and mental so that if someone is faced by stress tends to appear nervous, anxious, and easily offended. Besides, stress can also interfere with concentration, reduce motivation, and in certain cases, even triggering depression. Depression is a mental health disorder that is classified as a mood disorder, domana this condition is characterized by loss of interest or irrelevance to something that was previously his favorite thing, in a person who is depressed will tend to continue to feel sad Anxiety disorders. If you have thoughts about hurting or hurting yourself, you should be aware of the possibility of depression. Here are some psychological symptoms that occur when a person experiences depression, for example:

Loss of interest in something previously educated Loss of interest or motivation that interferes with daily activities Continues to feel sad Continues to cry Feeling always guilty Feeling excessive worry Loss of trust dir Easily offended or become more sensitive Not caring about the environment Having thoughts to hurt yourself or even suicidal thoughts or behavior If you experience the complaint you should consult your complaint to the doctor of psychiatrist closest to you. Next the doctor needs to ask a few questions about your condition of health and do a physical and psychological examination on you. So that the next doctor can determine effective steps to deal with complaints that occur in you. Some of the steps involved are:

Therapy with drugs such as antidepressant drugs to reduce symptoms of depression Psychotherapy for example with behavioral therapy namely cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), problem solving therapy (PST) the severity that happens to you. Such a healthy lifestyle for example by:

Maintaining social interaction with people closest to or meeting new people can prevent depression from developing or reappearing. Regular exercise can help relieve depression, anxiety, and keep emotions stable. Maintaining adequate health, for example, regular exercise, and maintaining a good and healthy diet. Do not consume alcoholic beverages Avoid smoking Planning life both short-term and long-term, can help someone prepare themselves mentally That's all the answers from us, hopefully useful

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