Treatment For Stage 4 Uterine Cancer

Illustration of Treatment For Stage 4 Uterine Cancer
Illustration: Treatment For Stage 4 Uterine Cancer

good afternoon don .. my mother got a uterine cancer verdict .. already checked into the hospital .. has been sentenced to stage 4. what is the best thing I did for my mom

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Every cancer, regardless of whether it is uterine, breast, bone, brain, or other body parts, is assessed to be distributed in four stages, where stage 1 is the mildest, and stage 4 is the most severe.

When it was stage 1, cancer cells were still localized. Which means, when called uterine cancer, it means that all the cancer cells only exist in the uterus. Neither is the case with breast cancer, skin cancer, or other cancers. The location of the cancer cells is only in the name. Under these conditions, the treatment is usually the choice of surgery, by taking the entire cancer cell network, because it is still easy.

But with increasing staging, cancer cells begin to spread. Starting from the nearest lymph nodes, to the closest organs, to distant organs at stage 4. This causes patients diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, cancer should have been detected in other parts as well. So in your mother's case, even though the diagnosis is having uterine cancer, chances are that the cancer is already in another part and has begun to damage these organs.

In this stage 4 condition, surgery alone is not enough, instead it is not recommended. Because the cancer has spread. Even if surgery is done, it won't get rid of the cancer, because it's not possible to operate on all parts. This causes surgery to only increase the risk to the patient, even though there is no meaningful change. So that under these conditions, the treatment option is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy treatment can be done by applying a cream, taking drugs, injecting, infusion, and radiation therapy.

However, chemotherapy treatment has many side effects, and for some people, it can be more torturous than the cancer itself. So that in certain conditions, namely in patients with high rates of complications, the possibility of cure is low, and the elderly, there may be an option in the form of palliative care. The aim of palliative care is no longer to heal, but only to strive for the best comfort for patients. Healing is no longer the main option because as we said earlier, the condition is already too severe and attempts to treat it even more torture the patient. So the focus is just controlling the symptoms of the patient. For example, if he is nauseated, he is given nausea medication, if he is given fever to reduce fever, and if pain is given pain medication.

Regarding your parents' condition, we don't know what is the best choice for him because we don't check it directly. We are not aware of the clinical condition, the development of the disease, and the response to treatment so far. Therefore we cannot conclude whether your parents should be given chemotherapy or palliation. Our advice, confirm with the cancer doctor / oncologist about what steps should be taken. This is important because only he understands the condition of your parents and is the most competent in determining the handling for him. If you want a second opinion, then check with an oncologist at another hospital. What is clear, with the outbreak of the corona virus, just one person who accompanied your parents to the hospital, wear a mask, wash hands regularly, and help your parents in maintaining good immune system by eating fruits, vegetables, and sufficient fluid needs. So, hopefully answering your question.

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