Treatment For Stitched Head Wounds?

Illustration of Treatment For Stitched Head Wounds?
Illustration: Treatment For Stitched Head Wounds?

I am 26 years old, would like to ask for the healing process and treatment of leaky head wounds that I experienced 2 days ago. R nFor the first treatment I was handled by the nearest health center because it is urgent and there must be 1 stitch and given some generic anti-pain medicines and infection, and after 2 days I have to control to check the wound and only change the bandage on the rope like a ribbon (maybe the rope tied by a wound stitch) and the same as the first treatment and the medicine as well. r n r nMy question r n1.Did the handling be correct? r n2.what should I do again? r n r nAnd I’m also not sure exactly when I can release the bandage from the rope (because I don’t there is an explanation from the puskesmas) r n r nNote: the wound that I experienced due to the collapse of the roof cast from above.

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Hi Sukristiono,

Thank you for asking

Post-injury injuries to the head due to the collapse of the cast-roof can be mild to severe depending on how much damage is caused. If this injury occurs confined to the skin, this condition is often harmless. Tearing of the skin can be sutured so that the bleeding stops and the scalp is back together properly. However, if the injury involves more severe tissue damage, for example to cause skull fractures or fractures, bleeding in the brain, hydrocephalus, and so on, surely handling is no longer that easy.

Need to be clarified beforehand, besides bleeding (leaky wounds), are there any other complaints that you experience, such as severe headaches, blurred vision, vomiting, seizures, and so on?

If you do not experience severe complaints as mentioned above, chances are your condition is not dangerous. However, without checking the condition of your wound directly, we are not authorized to judge whether the treatment that the doctor gave has been appropriate, or not. Ascertaining the danger of injury to the head after injury can be done not only through direct physical examination, but also confirmed by radiological examination, for example x-rays, CT scans, and MRI.

We suggest, if you feel uncomfortable with the treatment you have received from a doctor before, or if you experience other complaints that are more severe as mentioned above, you should check your condition to the doctor or surgeon. By checking the condition of your wound directly, of course he can identify the accuracy of the previous treatment, and further treatment as what needs to be done.

At this time, you should always keep the former stitch area on your head so that it is always clean and dry. You can clean the stitches using clean gauze moistened with NaCl at least 2 times a day. Avoid applying the medication carelessly to the wound without doctor's advice. If the wound feels painful, you can first take the drug paracetamol so that the pain subsides.

Hope this helps ...

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