Treatment For Stroke Sufferers?

Illustration of Treatment For Stroke Sufferers?
Illustration: Treatment For Stroke Sufferers?

afternoon doctor. my brother was hit by a partial stiff limb. breath looks tight in the throat like a lot of phlegm has accumulated. is there any special treatment for the condition. my condition is being treated at the hospital where I use BPJS services but the treatment is only given an IV. oxygen. Give me the medicine, already … I am confused while my sausdara breath looks heavy and my breath sounds like a lot of mucus in the throat … ask for a solution … is it just that in such a condition or is there special treatment ?. .Thank you for your attention…

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Hi Adly, thank you for the question for

Stroke is a condition in which the brain is damaged due to a sudden blockage of blood flow to the brain. This obstruction of blood flow to the brain can occur due to two things, a blockage in a blood vessel (also known as an ischemic stroke) and a rupture of a blood vessel (also known as a hemorrhagic stroke).

This damage to the brain can cause a variety of neurological symptoms. The most common symptom is weakness or paralysis of the body. However, strokes can also provide other symptoms such as difficulty speaking, trouble understanding speech, difficulty swallowing, impaired motor coordination, and so on. Early treatment for stroke focuses on preventing more extensive damage to the brain. For example, in a recent ischemic stroke, initial management is focused on removing blockages in the brain, it could be with certain actions (catheterization), it could also be with drugs. Meanwhile, in hemorrhagic strokes, catheterization or open surgery can also be performed.

When it has passed the golden period, management will only focus on supportive measures, providing fluids, oxygen, if the patient is unable to eat, a feeding tube will be temporarily installed, if there are symptoms of brain swelling, certain drugs will be given to reduce brain swelling. this. Furthermore, rehabilitation will be carried out to help restore the function of the weak limbs, including rehabilitation for eating and talking as well, and continued therapy to prevent recurrence of strokes.

Management for stroke needs to be adjusted according to the patient's own condition (we do not know clearly how long the stroke has occurred, the type of stroke, how much brain damage has occurred, etc.). Therefore, if you want to find out more about the required therapy or a follow-up therapy plan for your sibling, it's a good idea to ask directly with the treating doctor.

Difficulty breathing and a lot of mucus in the throat can occur due to many things. Difficulty breathing in your sibling can occur due to infection in the lungs, pulmonary edema (buildup of fluid in the lungs), pulmonary hypertension (increased pressure in the lungs), COPD, heart problems, cardiac tamponade or fluid around the heart, anemia or deficiency of red blood cells, hypotension or low blood pressure, and many other causes. Management in general is giving oxygen, if there is a real blockage in the airway (such as a lot of mucus in the throat), then periodic mucus suctioning can be done, if there are symptoms of respiratory failure in the patient, then intubation and ventilator installation can be performed. In addition to these general treatments, each of the causes of shortness of breath above has different treatments and these causes need to be addressed so that the symptoms of shortness of breath do not continue.

It is better if you ask more clearly in advance with the treating doctor, whether there are other conditions accompanying your brother's stroke that cause symptoms of shortness of breath. Therapy for patients must be adjusted to the symptoms, physical examination results, and the results of investigations for each patient and cannot be equated between one patient and another.

So much information from me, hopefully it will explain enough

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