Treatment For Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Illustration of Treatment For Swollen Lymph Nodes?
Illustration: Treatment For Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Greetings. I am 27 years old. I have swelling like the size of a kidney bean in my left groin. Dstu there are 3 bumps in the same area, I feel there are 3 and next to my right groin there is also a small but still small. When he was swollen I had a fever during the day for almost a week. After that the pain in the swelling disappeared until now but still swollen. Only for fever, I have not. If the appetite is still lacking, sometimes hungry, sometimes not. I can eat 3-4 times a day but now it’s only 2x a day. The doctor from the puskesmas gave me antibiotics yesterday. But now it’s swollen. I haven’t come down, it’s just painless. Is that dangerous?

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Lymphadenopathy is a term for enlargement of the lymph nodes. Normally lymph nodes are in several locations in the body and can hardly be touched directly. Lymph nodes can enlarge when the immune cells in them become active due to several conditions, one of which is the inflammatory process in the organs around the enlarged lymph nodes.

If the inguinal lymph nodes (groin) are enlarged, it is necessary to suspect interference with organs around the area such as the gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system, lower limbs, or can be due to other systemic diseases.

Some underlying causes include:
1. Gastrointestinal tuberculosis.
2. Sexually transmitted infections, for example in syphilis or gonorrhea.
3. Malignant neoplasms such as lymphomas, leukemia, or distant metastases of malignancy in other organs.
4. Skin infections in the area of ​​the lower limbs.
5. HIV infection.
6. Autoimmune diseases.

The characteristics of enlarged lymph nodes in each of the above causes can vary, therefore it is necessary to do a physical examination on the lump. Characteristics of a lump enlarged lymph node include the number of lumps, size, consistency, whether it can be moved or not, whether there is tenderness or not, and whether there are signs of local inflammation or not.

For now, if you have had antibiotic treatment, you should continue to complete it. A few days before the drug runs out should be back in control to assess the progress of the disease.

Harmful or not depends on the underlying cause of the information on the symptoms and physical examination available. Basically the condition caused by the infection process can actually be cured completely, while the cause of malignancy or autoimmune disease will be more difficult to treat.

If the complaint does not also decrease with the treatment given, or the other causes above can not be determined, it is recommended to do a tissue biopsy examination to determine the picture of cells in it. Biopsy is also recommended for enlarged lymph which is localized at one location or has a risk of malignancy (for example old age, enlargement has taken place chronic, there are systemic symptoms) it is necessary to do a tissue biopsy examination to determine the exact cause of the abnormality.

If so, a referral to a more complete health facility is needed. Therefore do not hesitate to routinely control with a doctor to assess the progress of the disease and plan further examinations.

That's all, hope you can help.

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