Treatment For Thrush In The Throat?

Tonight, I want it, if a canker sore in the throat is better to drink warm water or not ..? I am confused, some doctors say it can’t be .. some say they can..mhon the explanation. .thank you..

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The sores in canker sores are usually painful, and hot water usually adds to the pain. Drinking warm water is fine if it doesn't cause discomfort. So it doesn't matter if you want warm water, if it's not comfortable you can drink cold water. If the pain bothers you, you can apply an ice pack to make it more comfortable.

Thrush, aphthous stomatitis or canker sore are oval or round sores that are inside the mouth. The cause is not known with certainty, the factors are suspected because:

Decreased immunity, lack of certain nutrients (iron, B vitamins), ongoing certain viral infections such as colds, Singapore flu, or digestive tract disorders such as celiac disease, Crohn's, etc. Injury or damage to the lining of the mouth for example due to rubbing toothbrushes, braces, bites or certain hard foods Side effects of drugs Hormonal changes, such as menstruation, pregnancy Stress

Susceptibility to thrush is also thought to be inherited from parents. Usually, thrush will heal on its own and do not require special treatment unless it is very severe or there is an underlying disease.

To help treat canker sores, fulfill nutritional needs, drink enough water, replace toothbrushes if the bristles are damaged, get enough rest, control stress. If the canker sores get worse, go to the doctor immediately for treatment.

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