Treatment For Tonsillitis?

Illustration of Treatment For Tonsillitis?
Illustration: Treatment For Tonsillitis?

I am 20 years old and have not smoked in a long time. My left tonsil is large and easily injured or in the tonsils there are wounds and blood can be seen after eating fried foods, whether it’s fried chicken or the like. due to the bacterium streptococcus pneumoniae but after healing my throat remains lumpy and the tonsils are easily injured my doctor thinks this is a recovery period but my throat still feels lumpy like there are lumps on the inside is that dangerous? Can I ask my doctor to do a copy?

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Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) is an inflammatory process in the area of ​​the tonsils that is usually triggered by an infection either by a virus or bacteria or other pathogens. The symptoms experienced by the patient are tonsils that appear swollen, pain in the throat especially when swallowing, hoarseness, fever, cough.

The type that occurs can be in the form of an acute condition that is the symptoms appear suddenly usually usually associated with infection after the infection improves will return smaller or previous size. The cause of infection can be enforced by investigations in the form of a swab on the tonsils and then culture so that it can be known whether the pathogenic causes of the tonsils that cause inflammation. In this case, especially if caused by bacteria can cause pus that can accumulate so that it can cause a pus-filled lump called an abscess, this is especially if there is not enough treatment opinion.

Another condition is recurrent and prolonged inflammation so that it is called chronic usually the tonsils will continue to enlarge even though they are not inflamed (not red, usually appear grooves in the tonsils such as lines that protrude into) in this condition usually other symptoms will appear snoring during sleep, especially supine position and woke up suddenly at night because there is a blockage in the airway in the form of enlarged tonsils.

It can also be a chronic condition of acute exacerbation, which is a condition of tonsils that is larger than normal size and has an inflammatory condition that is redness, pain, and acute symptoms such as fever.

The diagnosis is made by physical examination and support, namely by the laboratory to determine the type of cause, imaging in the form of plain photos or channels that are inserted into the airway (laryngoscope).

Treatment is given according to the type if in acute conditions, inflammation will be relieved first with anti-inflammatory drugs and given treatment according to the cause as well as if due to bacteria then given antibiotics to treat the cause. In chronic conditions the treatment for reducing size is surgery. Surgery is needed especially in more severe conditions with the following symptoms.

difficulty breathing or swallowing
shortness of breath while sleeping
pus appears in the tonsils
the infection spreads to other organs
inflammation occurs 3x or more a year
inflammation does not respond with antibiotics

If you want to consult further you can also ask questions related to tonsillectomy with ENT specialists

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