Treatment For Toothache.?

Illustration of Treatment For Toothache.?
Illustration: Treatment For Toothache.?

hello, my name is abdillah rizky fauzi 18 years old, I want to ask, 3 days ago on Wednesday 25th April 2019 I went to the doctor to do tooth extractions and patches, apparently my lower left molars should not be removed first, and I was given a tooth extraction the medicine first, and my right lower molars were patched temporarily to 2, and now I find it hard to eat, because if I chew on my right lower molars it aches, what should I do

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Good afternoon Rizky, thank you for asking at Tooth pain can indeed be caused by various things, ranging from cavities, loose fillings, pus buildup on the gums, abnormal tooth growth, bacterial infection of the gums, inflammation of the tooth roots, and not everything can be treated by pulling teeth. Even cavities have to be severely damaged and eventually need to be extracted, so your doctor's decision not to pull them out is understandable.

However, if your pain complaints persist, and this lasts for days even though it is not stated by your dentist that there will be such side effects, you should check with the dentist because it is feared the patch has been released, it could be accidentally, when You brush your teeth, chew food too hard, and rattle your teeth unconsciously while you sleep. By checking your teeth again at the dentist, it can be seen again the main problem and given the most appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, to relieve pain, you can take prescription drugs or take over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory drugs by reading the rules of use first if they are not prescribed special drugs. In addition, it can also compress the painful cheeks, gargle using warm salt water, and rub clove oil on the painful teeth. So, hopefully answering your question.

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