Treatment For Toothache.?

Illustration of Treatment For Toothache.?
Illustration: Treatment For Toothache.?

Good afternoon. I want to ask how many days I have a toothache but it doesn’t swell. I have been taking the medicine for acidic acid, the pain goes away and continues to hurt again. How to overcome the pain

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Toothache may be due to problems with the teeth themselves, for example due to cavities, abscesses in teeth, and so on. Can also, toothache occurs due to interference with other structures around the tooth, for example gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), periodontitis (inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth), tooth impaction (teeth that are buried in the gum or jaw structure and difficult to experience eruptions), jaw joint disorders, sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgis, migraine, and so on.

Your condition, should be checked directly to the dentist if it does not disappear with regular pain medication consumption. With a direct examination, of course the doctor can properly identify the exact cause of your complaint, and give him the best treatment. In some cases, your doctor may also direct you to undergo further tests (such as x-rays) or also refer you to the right specialist doctor.

At this time, you should first relieve pain in your teeth by taking the drug Paracetamol. Avoid taking other anti-pain medications that are not OTC drugs without prior doctor's examination. First, get some rest. Avoid using painful teeth to chew food that is too hard, cold, and also sticky. Do not forget, always diligently brush your teeth, clean between your teeth and tongue, and rinse with salt solution so that complaints improve.

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