Treatment For Tumors In Children Aged 4 Years?

Illustration of Treatment For Tumors In Children Aged 4 Years?
Illustration: Treatment For Tumors In Children Aged 4 Years?

Good afternoon, my 4-year-old Ponakan has neuroblastoma cancer. He has been undergoing 8x chemo. Initially, the NSE value reached more than 100, but since a few months, the NSE is in the range of 31. Unfortunately this month’s lab results have risen quite high to 60. Do you need other actions or according to the doctor’s advice for routine blood tests? Is this value still normal for cancer sufferers?

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Neuroson-specific enolase (NSE) is an examination of tumor markers in neuroblastoma and lung cancer. At present the NSE examination is very well used to diagnose, monitor the progress of treatment of the disease, as well as detect relapse of diata cancer. The higher levels of more than 100 ng / ml also indicate a larger tumor and worse disease outcomes. While lower levels of less than 30 ng / ml indicate a good patient response to previous treatment.

Serious NSE level examination is needed during chemotherapy treatment to monitor the patient's response to the treatment given. Increased levels of NSE should be suspected as a form of disease relapse, but this needs to be reconfirmed from the results of a physical examination by a competent doctor and other supporting radiological examinations. It is better to do further consultation with the patient's physician in charge for the next examination and treatment plan.

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